Between school and work, I am also forming a startup company with my friends.

Who are we?

Here at Hive, we believe in the priceless virtue of sharing. From your classmate’s notes concerning superconductivity to your university’s bus chauffeur broadcasting an ETA to your nearest bus stop, information of any use should be offered to any student who so desires it. Here at Hive, we thrive on this idea of sharing, networking, and learning. So come join us, because after all, sharing knowledge is sharing success.


What do we offer?

Hive, at this point in time, offers one application to its clients.



NoteBook is an intelligent note-taking app that helps users take polished, professional, and detailed notes. NoteBook features three convenient utilities that will revolutionize the way you take notes:


    • Knowledge Synthesis:¬†Acquire automatic references from the foremost resources in supplementary education including Khan Academy, Sparknotes, and Chegg.


    • Proofing:Receive real-time suggestions, corrections and revisions from extensive knowledge and web engines including Wolfram Alpha, Google Scholar, and even bibliography generators like EasyBib.


  • Collaborative Note-Taking:¬†Brainstorm, discover, and share your ideas with classmates and professors to apply and solidify learning comprehension.


Let NoteBook help you transform simple notes into a dynamic library of facts, resources, and understanding.