UMass Lowell Schedule Maker

Made a program that helps choose classes each semester during an all-nighter at the computer lab.

This was a program I threw together during an all nighter that I pulled my freshman year. Essentially, every semester, we need to pick a list of classes that we want to take for the upcoming semester. Since each class has 2-3 professors to choose from sometimes, and each professor has 2-3 times, the list of schedules you can choose from quickly becomes over 30. Being a programmer, I had to obviously come up with a long-winded solution to this simple problem. Rather than picking the classes directly, I wrote this program to calculate every possible schedule I can choose and even check to see whether the class is open.

A few days ago, I pulled another all nighter and added a few more features to the app, such as giving points for each professor and calculating the average rating for each schedule.


  • Automatic Co-Requisite/Pre-requisite calculating
  • Only show open classes
  • Rate-my-teacher points for each schedule and professor


Not-so-kosher algorithm

Yeah, so I did some sketchy things to log into iSIS and scrape a list of all the classes, so I can’t share the source code. However, feel free to distribute it to your local drug-dealer or UMass Student.



  1. Run the program
  2. Enter your UMass Lowell email and password
  3. Press “OK” if it says something. It’s gonna download a list of all the classes from iSIS (sketchy background stuff)
  4. Go get some coffee and wait until bottom left corner says “Done Saving List”
  5. Click on “Schedule Maker” tab
  6. Get a list of classes you want to add from your advisor (I am doing a double major in EE and CS, so I found mine here)
  7. Start typing the name of your class on top textbox (like “16.311” or “Electronics I Lab”)
  8. Press “Add Course”
  9. Rinse and repeat step 7 and 8 for all your classes
  10. Press “Finish”
  11. Go get more coffee, this will take a while. It is checking if classes are open, and downloading professor ratings.
  12. Pick the schedule with highest overall rating, or whatever you like…
  13. Goodluck being lazy!


  • Felipe Nascimento – I couldn’t install my own app in these computer labs, so countless number of installs and uninstalls were done by Felipe.
  • UMass – for making iSIS so scrapeable
  • MTV – for making Rate-my-professor


Download V3.00